Exported to: Mexico, Belgium, Brazil, Spain, US, Columbia etc
Saskatchewan is the heart of the Canadian pulse industry. In 2012, Saskatchewan farmers grew 96% of Canada’s lentil crop,  90% of Canada’s chickpea crop and 70% of Canada’s dry pea crop. This province also produces significant amounts of dry bean crops, as well as some faba beans and soybeans. Although pulse crops all have some similarities, each crop has its own unique features. Scroll down to see photos of the different pulse crops grown in Saskatchewan.
Canada is the world’s leading exporter of lentils, peas, and chickpeas. There are approximately 95 special crop processors in Saskatchewan that export pulses all over the world.
The top pulse export markets include India, China, the United States (U.S.), Bangladesh, and Turkey.
Chickpea export markets: Pakistan, Jordan, US, Italy, Spain, India, Columbia
As of October 2017, you should look at Middle East market because of “Qatar Trouble”
Qatar is throwing high price offers to purchase to outrun UAE and others.