Canary Seed

Canada accounts for approximately 90% of world exports of canary seed. Canadian exports have been experiencing an overall upward trend, rising from a low of 81,000 tonnes in 1991 to a high of 189,000 tonnes in 2006. Canary seed is used almost exclusively as food for caged and wild birds and is the major component of many commercially prepared bird food mixtures.
Canadian canary seed varieties with the glabrous trait have been grouped under the marketing name Canario®. These new varieties are expected to further enhance Canada’s competitive edge in the canary seed market by increasing the volume of seed per shipping container and by eliminating the oiling and polishing steps in processing.
Canada accounts almost 80% of the total world canary seed production and 90% of world export. The unique climate of Canadian Prairie provinces makes them one of the most productive places in the world to grow canary seed.