Mustard Seed

Canada is the largest exporter and the second largest producer of mustard seed in the world. The value of Canadian mustard seed exports averaged $70 million during the past five years.
Canada accounts for 75 – 80% of all mustard exports worldwide.
Thanks, in part, to a climate that provides ideal growing conditions, Canada produces and exports several types of premium mustard, including brown mustard, yellow mustard (also known as white mustard) and oriental mustard.
As the world’s leading exporter of mustard, Canada is consistently able to meet demand (Canada produces 140,000 – 300,000 MT of mustard seed annually).
Canada is recognized internationally as being among the best in the world in terms of ensuring food safety and traceability.
Canadian yellow, brown and oriental mustard are known to be the most consistent in their hot principle.
Canadian yellow mustard (also known as white mustard) and oriental mustard are recognized for their consistent bright yellow colour.
There are no GMO varieties of condiment mustard registered for production in Canada.
Yellow mustard can be gro   und and used as an ingredient in the prepared meat industry.
Western Canada is home to the world’s best mustard seed producers.
Exported to: US, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, japan, India