Sunflower Seed

Sunflower seed has been grown commercially in Western Canada since the 1940’s, but only in the past ten years has Canadian confectionery sunflower production and export increased dramatically. The two main types of sunflowers grown are oil sunflowers, black in colour, and confection sunflowers, which are black or grey in colour with striping
The Canadian industry has been recognized for consistent high quality of both the in-shell confectionery variety and the dehulled kernel for the baking industry.
The Canadian sunflower seed are Non-GMO. There are no registered GMO sunflower hybrids grown in Canada.
NuSun hybrids are less prone to oxidation so do not need hydrogenation to produce stable products with zero trans fatty acids.
Over the past 10 years, production of Canadian sunflower seed has more than doubled to meet international demand.
Export Markets: US, UAE, Mexico